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Paulin: Working to combat gun violence

photo "Governor Pataki and the state Senate need to take a hard look at the Assembly’s gun package and pass laws that will keep law enforcement officers safe."
-Jim Brady, Chair of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
"I am proud to sponsor legislation that protects our citizens from deadly firearms. We have a duty to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and by passing common- sense measures, we move one step closer to protecting all New Yorkers from gun violence."
- Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

Governor signs Paulin legislation to make New York safer

In December, the Assembly, Senate and governor reached an agreement on legislation Paulin authored to keep guns off our streets. The new law (Ch. 764 of 2005) will:

  • Stop the illegal flow of guns into the hands of criminals

  • Increase penalties for sale and possession of multiple illegal weapons

Assemblywoman Paulin’s ongoing efforts to curb deadly firearms

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin has also fought hard to protect our families from criminals by voting for tough measures to combat illegal guns and increase penalties for cop killers. Her efforts include measures to:

  • Ban convicted felons from obtaining firearms (A.1170)

  • Ban armor piercing, exploding and incendiary bullets (A.2837)

  • Require law enforcement officers to report guns, spent bullets and shell casings found at crime scenes to the ballistic identification data bank (A.2213)

  • Expand the ballistics identification data bank to assist law enforcement officers in tracking down guns used in crimes (A.968-B)

  • Ban the military-grade .50-caliber rifle, which can accurately pierce armor from a distance of more than 20 football fields (A.4471)

Assemblywoman Paulin will continue in the year ahead to press for tough measures that will keep New York the safest large state in the nation.

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