Assemblywoman Paulin fought to put hundreds of dollars back in the pockets of Westchester families

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Dear Neighbor,

The one thing we can all agree on is that taxes are putting a strain on family budgets. That’s why the Legislature passed a bipartisan budget that delivers tax relief to Westchester families.

As a result of bipartisan overrides of the governor’s budget vetoes, the Legislature secured a spending plan that returns tax dollars back to the Westchester families who paid them.

The state budget targets tax relief for those who need it the most, namely homeowners, seniors and hard-working families. For more information on the budget, please call my office at 723-1115, or click here.

Amy Paulin
Member of Assembly

Assemblywoman Paulin
brings tax relief to Westchester families

Relief from high property taxes

Westchester taxpayers need relief from the burden of high property taxes. According to a recent state Comptroller report, New York residents are paying the highest property taxes in the country. That’s why Assemblywoman Paulin fought for a state budget that provides a cost of living adjustment to seniors who qualify for Enhanced STAR, which will save the average eligible Westchester senior an additional $373 on property tax bills.

Assemblywoman Paulin also fought for a state budget that includes property tax rebates for Westchester homeowners. Westchester homeowners should receive on average:

checkmark A Basic STAR rebate of $532


An Enhanced STAR rebate of $822
“Meeting in open conference committees, the Legislature created an on-time, bipartisan state budget that provides significant tax relief to Westchester’s overburdened taxpayers.”

—Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

Delivering a $330 Child Tax Credit for all families

The bipartisan state budget creates a new child tax credit with a benefit of up to $330 for each child between the ages of 4 and 17. This tax credit has no strings attached and allows families to apply their automatic tax savings to not only educational expenses, but any costs that come with raising children—like food, clothing and child care.

Working to ease the burden at the pump

Assemblywoman Paulin sponsored bipartisan legislation, which was signed into law, to cap the state sales tax on gasoline at $2 per gallon. With the passage of this plan, local governments across the state will be able to pass their own legislation to cap local sales taxes on gasoline. The gas tax cap will save New Yorkers an estimated $450 million annually at the pump by capping the state and local sales taxes on gas at 8 cents per gallon.

Reducing taxes for more New Yorkers

The state budget provides other significant tax relief by:

checkmark Eliminating the marriage penalty tax


Providing an income tax credit for volunteer firefighters—saving firefighters $200 a year


Extending a tax deduction to New York State National Guard members called to service in New York by the federal government


Eliminating the regressive 4 percent sales tax on clothing under $110—saving Westchester shoppers $38 million a year

Your tax relief may be held up in court. Sadly, the governor has threatened to withhold some of this much-needed tax relief. Join Assemblywoman Paulin in fighting for tax relief by calling the governor at his White Plains regional office at 287-0162, and telling him that we need property tax relief NOW!

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