Amy Paulin
Working to keep
our communities safe

Dear Neighbor,

As a mother, I am always concerned with my family’s safety, as I know all parents are. It is extremely important that we do everything possible to keep our loved ones out of harm’s way, and since my first days in Albany I have been an advocate for improving the safety of our families:

  • Strengthening Megan’s Law - an expanded sex offender registry to include more sex predators

  • Expanding benefits for crime victims

  • Eliminating the criminal statute of limitations for certain felony sex crimes

  • Preventing criminals from gaining legal access to guns

This legislative session proved to be yet another step forward in the fight to keep our families safe. Our families deserve the very best protection that we can give them, and we are doing what we can to provide that security. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to share with me, please e-mail me at or call 723-1115.

Amy Paulin
Member of Assembly

Amy Paulin
700 White Plains Road, Suite 252
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Commitment to community, spearheading the effort to secure the safety of all our families

During this year’s legislative session, Paulin sponsored several new laws which will ensure the safety of our families, including:

  • Protecting domestic violence victims - Requires a firearms license to be revoked or suspended in the case of a willful violation of an order of protection (Ch. 198 of 2007).

  • Catching on-line predators - Ensures that graphic text sent over the Internet to a minor is classified as indecent material, because current law limited indecent material to only graphic images (Ch. 8 of 2007).

  • Stopping human trafficking - Creates the new crimes of sex and labor trafficking and ensures that victims are eligible to receive social services from the state (Ch. 74 of 2007).

  • Civil commitment - Confines the most dangerous sex predators and requires longer sentences for certain felony sex crimes (Ch. 7 of 2007).

Amy Paulin knows we must do more - and that’s why she’ll continue fighting for our community’s safety by supporting the following pieces of legislation:

  • Expanding the DNA database - Improving the state’s ability to catch criminals while also putting significant measures into place to reduce the number of wrongful convictions (A.8693).

  • Cracking down on gun trafficking - Halting gun sales to criminals by requiring gun dealers to maintain strict record keeping procedures (A.6525, awaits Senate approval).

  • Preventing the dangerously mentally ill from buying guns - Preventing those deemed by the courts to suffer from mental problems and ordered into treatment from legally buying a firearm, avoiding a Virginia Tech-like tragedy (A.8700-B).