Assemblywoman Amy Paulin:
Putting kids first

Educating our children

The $7 million funding increase for schools in our community in this year’s budget helps to keep the doors open, but our children deserve more. Assemblywoman Paulin is working to ensure our schools get the resources they need to teach our kids.

High Tax Aid
Suffolk County $39.5 million
Nassau County $31 million
Orange County $10 million
Putnam County $2.5 million
Westchester $1.16 million

Fighting for a fair funding equation

In this year’s education budget, the state’s new education formula failed to deliver adequate funds to Westchester County schools. The state’s new Regional Cost Index Formula grouped Westchester with Hudson Valley counties like Orange, Dutchess and Sullivan, leaving our schools with less. In addition, under High Tax Aid distributions, Westchester only received $1.16 million, unlike Long Island’s estimated $70 million. Assemblywoman Paulin voted against the education budget because these political games shortchanged Westchester schools.

By improving both formulas, we can help ensure Westchester schools are funded based on need and that our children have the tools they need to succeed.


Assemblywoman Amy Paulin: Working to ensure Westchester schools get their fair share

To preserve our schools for future generations, please join Assemblywoman Paulin and her Westchester colleagues in the Assembly to support bipartisan legislation directing more state aid to Westchester schools (A.7786). Fill out the form below and mail it to her district office. Assemblywoman Paulin will deliver your response to the governor and legislative leaders.

“I support A.7786 to ensure Westchester schools receive their fair share of funding. I support reclassifying Westchester County with Long Island and New York City under New York State’s new Regional Cost Index. I also ask that High Tax Aid distribution be based on the actual tax climate of each county instead of political concerns.”





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Please mail completed form to:
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin
700 White Plains Road
Suite 252
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

“Our children need the best education possible. By providing schools with their fair share of funding we can reach this goal.”

– Amy Paulin

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin
700 White Plains Road • Suite 252 • Scarsdale, NY 10583
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