Amy Paulin
is working to reform Albany

checkmark Budget Reform
checkmark Ethics Reform
checkmark Workers’ Compensation Reform

Dear Neighbor,

I have been an advocate for bringing greater transparency and accountability to state government since my first days in the Assembly. During this year’s legislative session I sponsored three major laws that brought meaningful reform to how Albany operates. In addition to these laws, I supported a resolution that changed internal Assembly rules, bringing more openness to legislative proceedings and making them more productive and efficient.

We accomplished a lot this last session, but there is always more we can do. I am looking forward to getting back to Albany in January to continue my efforts in making Westchester County, and New York, a better place to live.

Amy Paulin
Member of Assembly

“The governor and Legislature have worked together to pass significant reforms this year, but we need to go back to work and do more. I’ll keep pushing for more ways to make state government more open, efficient and accountable.”

— Amy Paulin

Producing a more transparent and efficient state budget (Ch. 1 of 2007) by requiring:

checkmark All member items be lined out in the budget


Multi-year financial planning to assist local governments in planning their budgets


The Legislature to enact a balanced budget

Improving government ethics (Ch. 14 of 2007) by:

checkmark Banning gifts from lobbyists to legislators


Prohibiting legislative staff from lobbying the Legislature for two years after employment ends


Strengthening penalties for ethics and lobbying violations

Workers’ compensation reform—Improving the climate for businesses and employees (Ch. 6 of 2007)

checkmark Reduced business costs by over 20 percent


Increased benefits to injured workers for the first time in more than a decade


Put significant anti-fraud measures into place to ensure the integrity of the system

Promoting a more open, accountable and effective Legislature (Resolution 503) by:

checkmark Enhancing member participation by expanding time for floor debate


Streamlining legislative procedures to ensure that every bill receives the full consideration of a committee


Requiring ethics training for all members and staff

Restoring the public’s faith in the electoral system

Last year, Assemblywoman Paulin sponsored the “campaign finance reform act of 2006” (A.4B, passed Assembly) and she will continue to fight for this measure next year. This bill:

checkmark Stems the influence of special interest money on elections


Levels the playing field for candidates in NYS elections


Provides matching funds to candidates for statewide office or state Legislature

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