Amy Paulin
Standing up for what’s right

Assemblywoman Paulin is
working to keep you safe


Assemblywoman Amy Paulin sponsored:

  • a new law that stiffens sentences for those who assault a person age 65 or older—offenders now face up to 7 years in state prison (Ch. 68 of 2008)

  • legislation increasing penalties if more than one elderly person is victimized by a scam artist (A.9813 - awaiting governor’s signature)

Assemblywoman Paulin also supported legislation the Assembly passed to help protect seniors’ rights. These bills will:

  • Allow victims of age bias violence or intimidation to seek legal action (A.866)

  • Safeguard the rights of individuals in power-of-attorney arrangements (A.6421-B)

  • Provide for the education of employees in assisted living and adult care facilities to recognize and report abuse (A.370-A)

Assemblywoman Paulin also sponsored the Prescription Drug Assistance Program to harness consumer purchasing power by negotiating rebates with suppliers; rebates are then applied toward reduced prescription drug costs for participants (A.3848-B). This legislation passed the Assembly and will:

  • create the Prescription Drug Discount Card

  • outline the distribution of the rebate funds to retailers or individual participants, as appropriate

  • promote the program through state Department of Health education and outreach

Saving STAR

Assemblywoman Paulin fought for a state budget that increases Enhanced STAR rebates by 40 percent and includes $1.3 billion in property tax relief.

“Fixed-income families have enough on their plates without the threat of ever-rising taxes and opportunistic criminals, which is why I’ll continue to fight for legislation that ensures our residents are protected.”

Amy Paulin
700 White Plains Road
Suite 252
Scarsdale, NY 10583