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“This year, I authored legislation, now law, to better protect victims of domestic violence, help ensure our children are provided for, encourage open government and better safeguard our health. I will continue working to ensure Westchester remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Assemblywoman Paulin
continues to make a difference
Since her election to the Assembly, Amy Paulin has authored several significant bills that have been signed into law. She will continue to work to pass legislation that will improve the quality of life for Westchester County residents and New Yorkers across the state.

Protecting domestic violence victims
To protect victims of domestic violence, Paulin authored legislation to establish a criminal penalty for those who prevent domestic violence victims from making telephone calls or electronic requests for emergency assistance (Ch. 69 of 2008).

Ensuring children are provided for
To ensure that our children remain healthy and well protected, Paulin authored legislation obligating parents to financially support their children until the age of 18 (Ch. 70 of 2008).

Encouraging open government
To keep New Yorkers informed, Paulin authored legislation requiring government agencies design information retrieval systems that separate public information data from personal privacy data to promote maximum access to public records guaranteed under FOIL (Ch. 351 of 2008).

Safeguarding the health of non-smokers
To protect the health and well-being of non-smoking residents, Paulin authored legislation prohibiting smoking in dormitories, residence halls and other residential facilities at public and private colleges (Ch. 154 of 2008).

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