Amy Paulin:

Fighting for Reform in Albany
“This year I fought for legislation to reform state government. I will continue fighting to ensure our government works for all New Yorkers.”
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

Amy Paulin:

A voice for reform

700 White Plains Road
Suite 252
Scarsdale, NY 10583
(914) 723-1115

Amy Paulin has fought for nine years to make government more open, transparent and responsible. She has been deeply troubled by the recent events in Albany, and remains committed to providing you with independent, bipartisan and professional service as your state legislator. Amy will continue fighting to ensure that New York State government works for the people.
Amy Paulin has sponsored or supported legislation to:
Campaign Finance Reform
  • Limit the amount of money political parties can spend or transfer to candidates (A.8902, passed Assembly).
  • Reduce special-interest influence on elections (A.8902, passed Assembly).
  • Ban fundraisers in Albany during the legislative session (A.6855).
  • Limit contributions from public contractors and lobbyists to end the “Pay-To-Play” culture in Albany.
Ethics Reform
  • Create a new, independent ethics oversight agency for executive and legislative branches (A.9032, passed Assembly).
  • Prohibit personal use of campaign funds by elected officials (A.1543).
Election Reform
  • Mandate that a voter who goes to the wrong poll location be advised of proper poll location (Ch. 489 of 2009).
  • Allow voters to use abbreviations or initials when signing their names on absentee ballots (Ch. 40 of 2009).
  • Simplify the information a voter must provide to obtain an absentee ballot (A.5276, passed Assembly).
Other Reform
  • Create a constitutional amendment to allow a commission to create fair, nonpartisan redistricting of legislative districts (A.6878).
  • Expand the open meetings law to be more transparent by including committees created by the governor by executive order (A.3081).