Assemblywoman Amy Paulin: Fighting to reform Albany

Outraged by state government?
So is Amy Paulin.

In an ongoing effort to turn Albany around, Amy Paulin is taking on powerful special interests. Amy’s fight to clean up Albany includes:

1. Pension reform
  • Amy supported the recently passed Tier V pension level, which should save state and local governments $35 billion over the next 30 years.

  • To combat corruption, Amy introduced a bill to prevent elected officials from receiving pensions if convicted of a felony (A.9401).

2. Campaign finance and lobbyist reform
  • Amy sponsored legislation to ban fundraisers from Albany during the legislative session (A.6855), reduce the influence of special interests and lobbyists on elections and end the pay-to-play culture in Albany (A.8902).

  • Amy sponsored legislation creating an independent investigative body to oversee legislative ethics, requiring greater disclosure from lobbyists, restoring the independent lobbying commission and providing more information on legislators’ outside sources of income (A.9032).

  • Amy sponsored legislation to prohibit the personal use of campaign funds by elected officials (A.1543) and a bill empowering the state Board of Elections to better enforce our campaign finance laws (A.9544).

3. Redistricting reform
  • Amy continues to support legislation to create an independent, nonpartisan redistricting process (A.6878).

4. Other reforms
  • Amy is supporting measures to make the Assembly more open and accountable, including a plan to televise all state government proceedings (A.10093).

  • Amy is sponsoring legislation that prohibits public officers and employees from using state property, services or resources for private business purposes (A.9559).

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