Attention Veterans
Important Legislation


  • A.4859 Directs the division of veterans' affairs to annually remind assessors that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are eligible for the veterans' alternative real property tax exemption (Ch. 286 of 2017)

  • A.6510-A Relates to real property tax exemptions available to veterans (Ch. 290 of 2017)

  • A.1827 Disseminates information to veterans and directs the Office of Mental Health and Department of Veteran Affairs to post on their websites information about the availability of treatment and counseling for Military Sexual Trauma.

  • A.1646 Directs key state agencies to gather information on the state's homeless veterans and their children so we may better support them.

  • A.1112-B Relates to the issuance of a distinctive license plate for Iraq War and Afghanistan War veterans (Ch. 107 of 2017)


  • A.9531 Allows all honorably discharged veterans who are members of a New York State retirement system to purchase service credit for up to three years of military service performed (Ch. 41 of 2016)

  • A.3379-A Authorizes school districts to grant the Cold War veterans' real property tax exemption (Ch.253 of 2016)

  • A.7967-B Relates to veterans health care options and requires the division of veterans' affairs to post certain information on its website (Ch.64 of 2016)


  • A.3003-C $350,000 for the Veterans Entrepreneurial Assistance Program to provide veterans the training they need to start a new business. (Ch. 53 of 2015)

  • A.6223-A Creates an additional local option to increase the maximum exemptions allowed under the alternative veteran's exemption (Ch. 381 of 2015)

  • A.7260 Requires the Division of Veterans' Affairs to develop plans and benefits to assist veterans who experienced Military Sexual Trauma while on active duty or during military training and require county and city veterans' service agencies to provide information on programs to assist this special veteran's population.


  • A.7430-A Creates the Homeless Veterans Assistance Fund, to which New Yorkers can easily contribute by simply checking a box on their income tax forms (Ch. 428 of 2014).

  • A.9135 The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act sets a 6 percent participation goal in the awarding of state contracts to businesses owned by veterans disabled in the line of duty, helping veterans and spurring job creation. (Ch. 22 of 2014)

  • A.9216-A Addresses school transfers that children with military parents face, college costs for veterans, burial assistance for families of veterans who die as a result of combat-related injuries and transfers of professional licenses for military family members, including those required for realtors. (Ch. 328 of 2014)