Aileen Gunther:
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Assemblywoman Gunther: working for you!

Ethics Reform: Fixing a broken system

In January, the Assembly and Senate—with overwhelming bipartisanship—passed sweeping ethics and campaign finance reform legislation (A.9544/S.6457). But within days, the governor vetoed the bill.

This legislation is an important step toward improving transparency and increasing accountability. It’s supported by “good-government” groups such as NYPIRG, the New York State League of Women Voters and Citizens Union.

New Yorkers are demanding change in Albany. Governor Paterson’s decision to veto this landmark bill was a mistake. That’s why Assemblywoman Gunther voted to override the governor’s veto, and she will continue listening to the public’s call for meaningful change and acting on it.

MTA Bailout: Fighting against unfair tax

Assemblywoman Gunther supports a plan proposed by the governor to cut the MTA mobility tax in half for businesses in Orange County. This new plan will exempt 400,000 small businesses from this tax burden. Assemblywoman Gunther will continue to fight unfair MTA taxes to ensure the people of Orange County are not footing the bill for a service they have limited access to.

Public Authorities Reform: Shining light on shadow government

Assemblywoman Gunther helped pass a law to enact sweeping public authorities reform, stepping up accountability and shedding new light on the more than 700 public authorities operating with startlingly little oversight throughout New York (Ch. 506 of 2009). New Yorkers must know where and how their tax dollars are spent.

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