Assemblyman Magnarelli
Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli

is fighting
to protect
our families

Assemblyman Magnarelli is making our community safer
Fighting drugs and violence in our schools

Assemblyman Magnarelli secured $352,000 in Edward Byrne grant money for the Syracuse City School District. The funds went to Henninger and Corcoran High Schools, and helped pay for security cameras, anti-drug and anti-gang educational programs, and helped Corcoran High implement the "Corcoran Community Project."

Cracking down on stalkers and high-tech voyeurs

Magnarelli supported a measure to strengthen protections against stalking. It would allow a crime victim to receive a special order of conditions to maintain legal protections when a defendant is found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect (A.6895). He also sponsored a law that makes videotaping someone in their home without their knowledge a crime (Ch. 69 of 2003).

Giving missing kids a fighting chance

Assemblyman Magnarelli authored New Yorkís AMBER Alert plan, which helps return missing children to their families (Ch. 375 of 2002). The AMBER plan uses regional media to alert the public in the event that a child goes missing, enlisting help to ensure the quickest possible return.

Getting tough on juvenile killers

Unfortunately, some of the most brutal crimes are committed by youths under 18 years of age. Magnarelli supported a measure that stiffens penalties for juvenile offenders convicted of murder (A.7482).

Ensuring sex offenders donít slip through the cracks

Assemblyman Magnarelli also supported legislation to close legal loopholes to keep sexual predators off our streets and help youth organizations better screen volunteers. The legislation:

  • keeps a sex offender found not guilty by mental disease or defect confined to a mental health facility (A.8895)
  • prohibits sex offenders from working on an ice cream truck (A.8896)
  • waives the fee for youth sports organizations to use the "900 sex offender registry hotline (A.8893)

Also, last year, Magnarelli supported laws to expand Meganís Law and strengthen the stateís sex offender registry (Ch. 11 of 2002).

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