is helping create new jobs in Central New York

Dear Neighbor:

When I talk with Central New Yorkers, I hear time and again of their concern about jobs in our part of the state. Itís an issue that affects us all, and one Iíve been working on in the Assembly.

Our region, with its unique blend of natural resources, world-class universities and high-tech companies is well positioned to provide the jobs our families need. From securing funding for job-creation initiatives to providing incentives for companies to keep their jobs in Central New York, Iíve fought hard to realize this potential, and give our families more opportunities to earn a good living.

Since 1999, Iíve helped cut business taxes by almost $1.3 billion to help area businesses grow. Iíve also secured funding to create and retain thousands of jobs in our region through a variety of programs and initiatives. And this year, Iíll continue to build on those successes.

Creating good local job opportunities is an effort I take very seriously. Iím always ready to listen to your concerns and work with you to find solutions. If you have an issue youíd like to bring to my attention, or if I can assist you in any way, please donít hesitate to call.


Bill Magnarelli
Member of Assembly

Fighting for CNY jobs

Getting real results, providing real jobs

Assemblyman Magnarelli has a strong record of bringing jobs to Central New York, and is committed to building on his successes. His efforts so far have helped create or keep more than 40,000 jobs in our area, including:

10,000 jobs

  • $2.5 million for the Workforce Development Initiative
  • $2.3 million in funding support for the New York Indoor Environmental Quality Center, Inc.
  • $37 million for the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental Systems
10,491 jobs

  • Expanded the Power for Jobs program to create or retain 10,491 jobs Ė including 3,088 jobs for St. Josephís Hospital and 3,696 jobs for Syracuse University
3,765 jobs

  • Expanded and revised the Empire Zone program to keep 2,210 jobs and create 1,555 new jobs in our area
Protecting downtown jobs

Assemblyman Magnarelli authored a law to accommodate expanding businesses and protect 1,500 jobs at Excellus and Hartford Insurance (Ch. 477 of 2003) by creating an authority to build two parking garages in downtown Syracuse. This will help ensure workers are able to maintain access to their workplaces, and help Syracuse remain a competitive business location.

Capitalizing on our strengths

As chair of the Assemblyís Task Force on University and Industry Cooperation, Assemblyman Magnarelli has worked to capitalize on the opportunities our region offers, investing in job-creating partnerships between local colleges and businesses, including:

  • $100,000 for the Syracuse University Renaissance Internship & Recruitment Program, which retains talented, educated students for the local economy
  • $240,000 for the daVinci program, which attracts high-tech workers to the area
  • $95,000 for the Metropolitan Development Association Vision 2010 to review our information, bio- and electronic technology sectors

Assemblyman Magnarelli also sponsored a bill establishing a patent fair that will help develop and market patents produced by local academic researchers. The fair will help area businesses reap the benefits of specialized knowledge developed locally, and attract more research dollars to universities.

Cleaning up brownfields to create jobs

Brownfields have been holding back local economies across New York. Assemblyman Magnarelli helped pass a law that cleans up toxic sites so they can go back on the tax rolls and start creating jobs in our communities (Ch. 1 of 2003). The law provides:

  • $120 million to the Superfund program, plus nearly $170 million available for companies willing to develop once-polluted industrial sites
  • $135 million in tax incentives to stimulate cleanup and reuse of brownfield sites
Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the stateís economy, creating eight out of ten jobs in New York. To help small businesses and entrepreneurs compete, prosper and create good jobs for Central New York families, Assemblyman Magnarelli:

  • Fought to restore $2.3 million that the governor attempted to cut from Empire Zones (Ch. 55 of 2003), and called for a reevaluation of the program to ensure it is effectively improving the upstate economy (A.9021-A)
  • Supported Centers of Excellence, which are collaborations between businesses and universities to help smaller firms prosper (Ch. 84 of 2002)
  • Helped create Healthy NY, which allows small employers to offer affordable health insurance coverage to employees and their dependents through state-sponsored benefit packages (Ch. 1 of 1999)
  • Supported the law that made the Excelsior Linked Deposit Program permanent, enabling small businesses to secure low-cost loans (Ch. 553 of 1999)
  • Helped expand the Power for Jobs program to reduce energy costs for job-creating businesses, and to protect local jobs (Ch. 226 of 2002)

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli
333 East Washington St. Rm. 840, Syracuse, NY 13202