They deserve to be safe and sound

Dear Neighbor:

Keeping our neighborhoods safe from crime has been a top priority in my work as your Assemblyman. Not only have I helped pass the toughest crime laws in a generation – but I have constantly worked to update and improve these laws.

But the tragic events of September 11th proved that we can’t focus only on protecting against domestic crime. The horrific events of that sad day made many of us think differently about how to protect our families and safeguard against threats that come from beyond our nation’s borders. I am working to make sure the Empire State continues to honor liberty while better protecting our loved ones.

Bill Magnarelli

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli: Working to protect our families from crime and terrorism

Strengthening Megan’s Law

As a father of three children, Assemblyman Magnarelli understands the need to protect our families from violent crime. Magnarelli sponsored and supported legislation to safeguard our loved ones from violence by:

  • Requiring local law enforcement to provide a photograph and description of sex offenders when notifying local residents of their presence (Ch. 316 of 2003)
  • Requiring sex offenders registered in other states to register in New York if they work or attend school here (Ch. 11 of 2002)
  • Strengthening the Sexual Assault Reform Act of 2000 by requiring registration of more convicted sex offenders (Ch. 264 of 2003)

Making our communities safer

Assemblyman Magnarelli has been working to keep our families safe from crime by:

  • Creating the state’s first abduction alert plan here in Onondaga County and authoring the law to implement the Amber Plan statewide (Ch. 375 of 2002)
  • Sponsoring legislation to enhance the Amber Plan to include disoriented adults such as those suffering from Alzheimer’s – a measure that deserves support despite the governor’s veto (A.3507)
  • Sponsoring the "Children’s Weapon Accident Prevention Act" to create a penalty of up to seven years in prison for unsafe storage of weapons that children could use to harm themselves or others (A.4615-C)
  • Sponsoring the "Video Voyeurism" law that makes videotaping someone in their home without their knowledge a crime (Ch. 69 of 2003)
  • Securing $352,000 in Edward Byrne grant money for Syracuse City School District – helping Henninger and Corcoran High Schools pay for security cameras, anti-drug and anti-gang educational programs, and helping to implement the "Corcoran Community Project" at Corcoran High School

Fighting terrorism

Although New York was the target of terrorist attacks in 1993 and 2001 and is home to countless high-profile landmarks, we aren’t receiving our fair share of federal homeland security funds. In fact, our state ranks second to last in receiving federal anti-terrorism funding per capita among the 50 states. That’s why Magnarelli has been working to keep New Yorkers safe by:

  • Supporting a resolution urging the governor and Congress to secure more federal homeland security funds (K.1946)
  • Sponsoring the Assembly’s Terrorism Prevention, Preparedness and Enforcement Act to improve homeland security, bring terrorists to justice and develop a statewide emergency communications network (A.10543)
  • Supporting the creation of a Legislative Committee on Disaster Preparedness and Response to explore ways to protect local landmarks such as Hancock International Airport, state office buildings, Syracuse University and the Carrier Dome from terrorist attacks

Helping first responders

The Assembly recently released the report "First Responders: A Last Priority?" The report revealed that New York’s fire, police and emergency medical services lack adequate funding, equipment and training – leading Assemblyman Magnarelli to sponsor legislation to remedy those problems (A.10543).

Last year, he voted for a bipartisan budget that provided $100 million in grants for localities to update their E-911 equipment. As a result, Onondaga County will benefit from $2.1 million to help call centers pinpoint cell phone users in distress.

Assemblyman Magnarelli has also helped local fire departments update technology and purchase new equipment and tools by securing $10,000 each for:

  • Baldwinsville Volunteer Fire Co. Inc.
  • Lakeside Fire District
  • Solvay Fire Department, Inc.
  • Syracuse Firefighters Association

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli
333 E. Washington St., Rm. 840
Syracuse, NY 13202