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Dear Friends:

The New Year brings renewed opportunity to ensure a brighter future for Central New York families. In partnership with Governor Spitzer, we’ve already made progress by ensuring a more open and efficient budget process and passing lobbying reforms. As we begin discussions on the governor’s proposed budget plan, I look forward to passing another on-time budget that delivers for Central New York families.

Property tax relief is one issue we will address. Rising property taxes are making it virtually impossible for Central New Yorkers to get ahead. Last year, I worked to provide property tax rebates to lower property tax bills. Working with Governor Spitzer, I am confident we will deliver significant property tax relief this year to middle class New Yorkers who need it most.

Facing this problem head-on, reconfiguring how we deliver medical care and making our education system more responsive will help improve the future for your family.

Please call me with your questions.

William B. Magnarelli
Member of Assembly

Helping Onondaga County families

STAR property tax savings for homeowners

  • STAR property tax relief can save eligible senior homeowners an average of $1,186. (Important: Application deadline is March 1.)

  • Basic STAR property tax relief can save all other homeowners an average of $697

  • Contact your town assessor for STAR benefit information:
    Geddes (315) 468-2528
    Van Buren (315) 635-7997

Assemblyman Magnarelli championed property tax relief

  • Fought to raise the income limit for Enhanced STAR recipients to $67,850

  • Helped deliver a property tax rebate last fall

  • Provided a tax deduction for New York State National Guard members called to service by the federal government saving them $1 million, including those in the 17th Fighter Wing, 152nd Air Operations Group and the Army National Guard’s 27th Light Infantry Brigade

Assemblyman Magnarelli promoted additional tax savings for families

  • Helped to reduce the marriage penalty, saving married couples $41 million annually

  • Voted to eliminate the state sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110, saving Onondaga County shoppers $17 million

  • Voted to cap the sales tax on gasoline at the $2 level, (Chap. 35 of 2006)

  • Helped to implement an income tax credit up to $200 for emergency service workers, including volunteer firefighters and ambulance personnel


Tax savings for parents

Last year, Magnarelli and the Assembly enacted a child tax credit with a maximum benefit of $330 for each child from ages 4 up to 17

  • To apply, fill out form IT-213 and submit it with your New York State Income Tax Return

  • All New York State tax forms, including IT-213, can be downloaded from the Internet at:

  • If you already filed your tax return, complete IT-213 and mail it separately to:
    State Processing Center
    P.O. Box 61000
    Albany, NY 12261-0001

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Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli

William B. Magnarelli

Room 840
333 East Washington Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Reminder: STAR application deadline is March 1, 2007.
New income limit applies to Enhanced STAR