Bill Magnarelli
Ensuring our families have access to quality, affordable healthcare

Bill Magnarelli
333 East Washington St., Rm 840
Syracuse, NY 13202
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Expanding health care for New York children
This year’s state budget funds the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), helping to provide all uninsured children with access to comprehensive, affordable health care.

Assemblyman Magnarelli also worked to reject a proposed Child Health Plus premium increase.

Protecting the EPIC program
The Assembly rejected the executive budget proposal to make EPIC drugs subject to prior authorization when there is a Medicare Part D denial. Instead, Assemblyman Magnarelli helped shape an alternative program that places the burden on EPIC—not the beneficiary—to appeal Medicare Part D denials.

Supporting health care facilities and nursing homes
The budget also restores millions of dollars to New York’s health care facilities, including $129 million for hospital reform initiatives.

Assemblyman Magnarelli worked to restore $170 million in funding to nursing homes and worked to add an additional $30 million for quality workforce recruitment and retention.

Assemblyman Magnarelli also worked to:

  • Create a discount prescription drug card for New Yorkers who are 50 to 64 years old or disabled

  • Implement the Doctors Across New York program, which will expand health care to underserved areas

  • Secure $250,000 for the dental clinic expansion at St. Joseph’s Hospital

  • Secure $500,000 for renovations to Crouse Hospital’s operating rooms