Bill Magnarelli:

Bringing jobs to Central New York


A boost for small business

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli knows small businesses need help lowering their energy costs. That’s why he helped pass legislation providing zero- or low-interest loans for energy efficiency projects, further allowing small businesses to grow and create new jobs (A.5494). He also addressed numerous obstacles facing small businesses by supporting legislation to:

  • provide state assistance to help expand small businesses throughout New York (A.9129)
  • create the micro-business outreach center and program to provide small businesses access to economic development funds and advice (A.2766)
  • establish a competitive grant program for small businesses to seek niche markets and products – and then identify and develop them with small manufacturers (A.2877)

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The SUNY Capital/Creative Core

Magnarelli is working to build a strong economy by helping to sustain the hardworking people who want to work and raise families in Central New York. He created job and business opportunities to make our plans for the region a reality. He helped secure Restore NY funding for two Syracuse projects, including:

  • $4.5 million for the City Center Core Revitalization – a project that will create an estimated 250 jobs, renovate the building facades and complete additional streetscape improvements
  • $2.9 million for the Near West Side Initiative

"The City Center Core Revitalization is a truly comprehensive project that will greatly enhance the city core in Syracuse."

Magnarelli also helped secure funding in the state budget, providing:
  • $130 million for several of SUNY Upstate Medical University’s capital projects, including a research lab addition and a new academic building

  • $30 million in capital funding for the College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s Vision 2020 plan:

    • a new Gateway building
    • a new academic building
    • the Adirondack Ecological Center

Forming a commercial connection

Bioscience Initiatives - Magnarelli sponsored a bill to help bioscience research institutions and organizations develop education curricula and workforce training (A.10255). This will help bring bioscience centers up to federal regulation standards.

Commercialization Assistance Fund - Magnarelli helped pass legislation creating a commercialization assistance fund as part of the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (A.390). The bill is designed to coordinate scientific and technological advancements made by academic research institutions in New York State with entrepreneurial initiatives to encourage statewide economic gain.

Competitive Grant Program - This program teams up universities with small manufacturers to improve technologies through competitive grants, helping to bolster New York’s manufacturing industry amidst an economic downturn (A.391-A).

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli
"Science and technology are critical parts of the global economy in the 21st century, and we need to make the most of this critical opportunity by creating jobs that utilize these cutting-edge developments."

Bill Magnarelli

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