Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli
January 2012
From Bill Magnarelli
District: 333 East Washington St., Syracuse, NY 13202 (315) 428-9651 Albany: LOB 837, Albany, 12248 (518)455-4826

The Community Information Nights are from
6:30 pm to 8 pm as follows:
February 9th (Thursday) at:
Lincoln Middle School
1613 James Street
March 1 th (Thursday) at:
Clary Middle School
100 Amidon Drive
March 7rd (Wednesday) at:
Geddes Town Hall,
1000 Woods Road
March 8th (Thursday) at:
Van Buren Town Hall
7575 Van Buren Rd.

I have scheduled four community information nights in the 120th Assembly District. These are opportunities for my constituents to ask questions about matters that affect and concern them, including the upcoming New York State budget process, and any other topics that may impact their economic well being and quality of life in Central New York.

All sites have free parking and are handicap accessible.

I hope you will take the time to attend one of these events so that you may receive factual information regarding your state government. This also allows me to hear directly from my constituents, the issues that are most important to their families. I look forward to receiving feedback and input from my constituents in the 120th Assembly District.

Laurie Holtsbery, a teacher at Salem Hyde Elementary School, won the official Time Warner Cable Central New York Super Connector Challenge. In October, Time Warner Cable launched its Super Connector Search Contest, asking its customers to share how they've connected young people to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math. For winning the contest, Time Warner Cable will donate $5,000 to Say Yes to Education.

Octavia P. Wilcox, Principal; Senator John DeFrancisco; Laurie Holtsbery an Academic Intervention teacher; Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli; Alice Kim, Director of Government Relations at Time Warner Cable pose during an award presentation for the Time Warner Cable Central New York Super Connector Challenge.

Assemblyman Magnarelli took time to share the importance of reading with Ms. Jennifer Bury's first grade class at the Cathedral Academy at Pompey School.
"Missing Vulnerable Adult Alert System Worked"

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli reacted with joy and relief when told that two upstate residents were found unharmed, partly due to the alert system legislation that he wrote and sponsored.

"This is proof that the alert system matters. It saves lives and protects people," Magnarelli said.

A Baldwinsville man was reported missing from Onondaga County and then was located the next morning in Ontario County. Also, a Town of Tonawanda woman was located after being missing for two hours. In both cases, a Missing Adult Alert was sent throughout New York State, informing police agencies and others through a vast communication network providing the description, identities, and specifics of the missing adults. Without the new legislation just signed into law approximately three months ago, a missing person report could be filed only after 24 hours had passed. With this legislation, notification is sent immediately.


"It is unfortunate that we need this type of alert for elderly and vulnerable adults who may have disabilities or are in distress; however, this is a common-sense law, using communication tools that are already in place, to save lives," Magnarelli said.

State Assemblyman William Magnarelli poses with members of the Alzheimer's Association to announce the activation of the Missing Vulnerable Adult Alert System, which operates similarly to the state's "Amber Alert." Pictured are a Baldwinsville caregiver Eileen Krupka, Assemblyman Magnarelli, Alzheimer's Association Central New York Chapter CEO Catherine James, Co-sponsor Senator John DeFrancisco and Board of Directors Chapter President Keith Rung.

Constituent Survey Results

Recently, Assemblyman Magnarelli sent a survey to all registered voters in his district asking for their input on issues regarding state spending, priorities, taxes and economic development. The results help Assemblyman Magnarelli to better understand his constituents' outlook on issues and legislation.

A brief look:

952 surveys were returned. When broken down by zip code, each of the areas represented (Syracuse, Van Buren and Geddes) mirrored the overall responses.

Assemblyman Magnarelli recently held a combined hearing of the Assembly Local Governments and Real Property Taxation committee. The purpose was to review the impact of the 2011-12 State Budget; the impact of recent cuts in State aid to municipalities; and to hear about the issues facing municipal governments in the State. Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner testified on behalf of the City. She mentioned positive developments such as the recent award by the Governor to the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council, and a federal grant to complete the Syracuse Connective Corridor. She also discussed the major financial challenges facing the city, including: the rising costs of pensions, the problem of unfunded State mandates, and the general financial uncertainty due to the recession.

About New York State Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli
Assemblyman William Magnarelli represents the 120th Assembly District, which includes the Northside, Westside, Eastwood and Valley areas of the City of Syracuse, as well as the towns of Geddes and Van Buren. He first won election in 1998 for an open Assembly seat and was reelected in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. During his previous six terms in office, Assemblyman Magnarelli has focused his efforts on bringing more jobs to Central New York, lowering taxes, providing our children a better education at every level, improving our healthcare and keeping our families safe. For more information, contact Assemblyman Magnarelli's District Office at (315) 428-9651.