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Dear Neighbor,

As your representative in the state Assembly, my job is to ensure your needs are being met. That’s why my office is available to help get you the assistance and services you may need. Many of those services are highlighted in this mailer.

In addition, I’ve included a brief constituent survey to gauge the issues that are important to you. I hope you take a few minutes to fill it out. Your responses will help me better serve you and improve our community.

I also encourage you to visit my website,, to keep up to date on what I’m doing in Albany and in Monroe County. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Harry B. Bronson
Member of Assembly

Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson
840 University Ave. • Rochester, NY 14607 • 244-5255


Constituent services
Harry B. Bronson knows that dealing with state and local government agencies can often be a complex, time-consuming and frustrating experience. That’s why his district office provides services to help you get the assistance you need. Some services include: dealing with state and local agencies; obtaining benefits, government forms and/or applications; replacing veterans’ lost medals and awards; answering questions about state government; and developing legislative solutions to community problems.


Government services and programs can be vitally important, especially during tough economic times. That’s why Harry B. Bronson’s district office provides an assortment of informative Assembly brochures that can help you find needed resources. Some brochures available are: Health Care Proxy Law; Clean Air Act; Going to College; Identity Theft Protection; Long Term Health Insurance; Safety Tips for Seniors; Legislative Process; and Small Business.

Constituent survey

Harry B. Bronson knows that to be an effective Assemblymember, he needs to know which issues are important to you. That’s why he has compiled a constituent survey, so he can better represent your interests in Albany. Please take a few minutes to fill out the short survey below.

Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson’s
2011 Constituent Survey


Phone Number:


  1. Do you favor or oppose setting a statewide property tax cap that would limit the increase in local property taxes to no more than 2 percent per year?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose
  2. Likewise, would you favor or oppose having a real property tax circuit-breaker credit in which your property taxes would be based on income rather than property value?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose
  3. Do you favor or oppose the idea of having legislators disclose all sources of direct and indirect income?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose
  4. Do you favor or oppose the idea of establishing an independent redistricting commission that would draw maps for congressional and state legislative district lines every 10 years following the U.S. Census?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose
  5. Do you favor or oppose passing a law that would allow same-sex couples to get married in New York State?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose
  6. Do you favor or oppose the STAR program, which provides a property tax exemption to New York homeowners who own and live in their own home and earn less than $500,000?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose
  7. Do you favor or oppose merging some services in your town or village with that of a neighboring municipality?

    box  Favor              box  Oppose

Additional comments:

**Click here for a printable survey**

Please fill out, seal and mail to 840 University Ave., Rochester, NY 14607. You can also email your opinions to or call his office at 244-5255.