Assemblymember Bronson:
Stay warm this
winter with HEAP
HEAP can help you save on:

electricity, propane,
natural gas, wood,
oil, kerosene,
coal or any other
heating fuel

“Our winters can be dangerously cold, so it’s really important that every home has adequate heat. I’m encouraging all eligible households to apply for HEAP to receive assistance if you need it.”

- Assemblymember
Harry B. Bronson
Assemblymember Harry B. Bronson
840 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607 | 585-244-5255 |
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3 Ways to Save:
  1. Regular benefits
    Regular HEAP benefits range from $20 to $450 and are based on income, the home’s primary fuel source (such as oil, gas, propane or kerosene) and the number and ages of household members.

  2. Emergency benefits
    Emergency benefits are available for those who are eligible for HEAP and have an energy-related emergency such as a power shutoff, dangerously low levels of oil or propane or low supplies of wood or coal.

  3. Furnace repair or replacement
    The HEAP furnace repair or replacement component is available to help low-income homeowners repair or replace furnaces, boilers and other direct-heating elements necessary to keep the home’s primary heating source functional.

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Interested in applying?

Apply for HEAP by mail or in person.
To find out if you qualify, contact:

Monroe County HEAP Office
111 Westfall Road, Room 104
Rochester, NY 14620

For more information, please visit