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Working In Albany For You
139th Assembly District

Assemblyman Hawley While in Albany, part of Assemblyman Hawley’s responsibilities include sitting on Assembly Standing Committees that address a variety of issues affecting New York state and Western New York. Assemblyman Hawley is the Ranking Minority member of the Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee Assemblyman Hawley and holds seats on the Aging, Agriculture, and Economic Development Committees. When working with other members of these committees, Assemblyman Hawley has proven he is committed to putting the needs of the 139th Assembly District first.

Providing Better Government Services for You

As the Ranking Minority Member of the Corporations, Public Authorities and Commissions Committee, Assemblyman Hawley supports legislation to improve accountability and oversight of public authorities to save taxpayers money.

Caring for Western New York Seniors

Assemblyman Hawley considers bills on the Aging Committee that cover an array of topics affecting the senior citizen population including real property taxation, health care, and community based services. In this committee, Assemblyman Hawley has proven his dedication to providing an affordable way of life for Western New York seniors. Assemblyman Hawley supports:

  • A real property tax reduction to allow seniors to keep the homes they worked so hard to build

  • An income tax deduction of up to $1,000 to ease the burden of prescription drug costs for every senior with an income of $60,000 or less

  • A tax rebate of up to $200 to help defray home heating costs.

Supporting Western New York Agriculture

photo Representing a district that relies on a healthy agriculture industry for jobs, economic stability, and alternative fuel development, Assemblyman Hawley, a member of the Agriculture Committee, supports legislation that:
  • Encourages the use, research, and development of alternative energies that rely on resources grown on New York State farms.

  • Improves New York farm product marketability and strengthens New York’s agricultural competitiveness.

  • Properly fund programs such as Grow New York and others that increase farmland viability.

  • Provides grants for weather related losses based on the previous year’s crop sales.

Revitalizing the Upstate Economy

photo In 2007, the Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry will consider a great deal of legislation that focuses on revitalizing the upstate economy. As a small business owner and committee member, Assemblyman Hawley is committed to fighting for legislation that will:
  • Decrease the cost of doing business in New York state, thereby creating jobs and making the state more competitive in a global economy

  • Create a 4 year $10 Billion real property tax relief package.

  • Provide a Small Business Energy Tax Reduction.

Fighting for those who Fight for Us

A retired member of the U.S. Army National Guard and Army Reserves, Assemblyman Hawley, who serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, is committed to ensuring veterans and active duty military personnel have the assistance they need that properly demonstrates our appreciation for their bravery and heroic service. That is why Assemblyman Hawley supports measures to:

  • Provide performance of duty disability retirement benefits for state and local employees who are members of the military and are injured in combat.

  • Establish a wage tax credit for businesses that employ members of the National Guard and Reserves.

  • Allow additional military documentation to be eligible for the Veterans Real Property Tax exemption.

  • Support funding for the Monroe County Veteran’s Outreach Center.

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