Hawley's Snowmobile Petition Gains Thousands of Signatures
New Yorkers Join Hawley to Call on the State to Return Funds Immediately

Upon discovering that this year's State Budget expropriated an estimated $1 million from the Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance Fund, Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R-I-C - Batavia) was the first State Legislator to call for the State to return the funds immediately. Since then, the Assemblyman has authored and introduced legislation that will prohibit this sort of accidental transfer of unexpended monies from happening again.

"This money needs to be returned immediately. And not just for the snowmobilers, but for all the funds that had their monies taken. There are many similar dedicated funds that New Yorkers finance, through state-imposed fees, in order to help support their clubs and it is appalling that the State would steal their hard-earned dollars," said Hawley.

Hawley's legislation, Assembly Bill 10732, will prevent the transfer of funds from accounts that are specifically supported with a dedicated fee, such as the Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance Fund. The bill is gaining support in the Assembly and is under consideration in the Ways and Means Committee.

The Assemblyman also spearheaded a petition drive calling on the state to return the $1 million to the fund. Thousands of residents from across the state have signed Hawley's petition. In fact, in just the 139th Assembly District over 1,000 signatures have been collected. On a separate petition for the State Legislature, which Hawley is personally circulating in Albany, he has collected 60 signatures from Assembly members from both sides of the aisle.

Once completed, Hawley will be meeting with Governor Paterson to present the petitions. The Assemblyman will also be holding a rally with snowmobilers and concerned residents on the steps of the State Capitol in Albany.

For a copy of the petition for residents click here. All petitions should be returned to Assemblyman Hawley's district office at 121 North Main Street, Suite 100, Albion, NY 14411.