$1 million was stolen
from snowmobilers

in a State Budget put together behind Closed Doors.

It Needs an Overhaul
Steve Hawley
Agree More.
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Steve Hawley:
Is Fighting to Return the $1 Million that Rightfully Belongs to New York State Snowmobilers.
Assemblyman Steve Hawley

That’s why Steve Hawley authored and introduced Assembly Bill 10732 - to prevent the transfer of any funds from accounts that are specifically supported with a dedicated fee paid by the public.

But this is just the start for Hawley.
He knows Albany is broken.
He knows middle-class families can’t afford excessive spending.

That is why Steve Hawley is dedicated to standing up for us against dysfunctional government and for reforming Albany!

Steve wants to hear from you!
121 North Main Street, Suite 100
Albion, NY 14411
585-589-5780 • hawleys@assembly.state.ny.us