Skyrocketing Property Taxes Have Eroded New York State’s Competitive Edge

Over the last few years, local property tax levies have grown by 60 percent, more than twice the rate of inflation. The sheer cost of living here has forced many residents and businesses to leave New York for better opportunities in other states.

To revive our economy and make our state more affordable, Assemblyman Steve Hawley has a plan.
Stop the Spending
Year after year Albany is breaking the bank with more expensive and bloated state budgets. Revenues cannot keep up and it is predicted that by 2011 we will face a $9 billion budget deficit.
Protect Taxpayers
Controlling property tax increases by creating the Blue Ribbon Commission to reform our state’s property tax system and to help reduce the property tax burden on New Yorkers.
Cut the Cost
If the cost of optional Medicaid services were paid by the state, taxpayers would save $10 billion annually. Another $4.5 billion could be saved by combating Medicaid fraud.
Provide Relief
Increasing STAR tax exemptions and Rebate Checks help keep New Yorkers in their homes.

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