While some legislators
were out to lunch,
Steve Hawley
was hard at work!
Holding Albany Accountable
Supporting Our Schools
Reviving our Economy

Giving Us a Voice
Taking a Stand

STEVE HAWLEY: Delivering the Changes Western New York Deserves

Steve Hawley
Holding Albany Accountable:
When $1 million was swiped from snowmobilers, Steve Hawley was the first to take action. After he delivered thousands of petitions to the Executive Chamber, a new initiative was created to ensure that Albany never swipes the money again. Steve Hawley is also holding Albany accountable by drafting legislation that protects New Yorkers’ right to vote for elected officials, such as governor and comptroller, rather than filling these positions by appointment.

Supporting Our Schools:
Steve Hawley helped raise the base increase percentage in state aid for our schools, not just to ensure our children have the best educations but to help protect taxpayers as well. Passionate about education, Steve Hawley was also named the New York State School Board Association’s "Freshman Legislator of the Year."

Reviving Our Economy:
Steve Hawley authored legislation providing millions in assistance for weather related crop loss and bringing home $30 million in dairy assistance. His hard work helped to pass a new New York Racing Association agreement that supports Batavia Downs. Steve Hawley has been continuing his hard work to create the economic development that Western New York deserves.

Giving Us a Voice:
So far, Steve Hawley has held over 27 Town Hall Meetings and brought our message back to Albany loud and clear. In fact, as part of his first Local Government Conference, he welcomed over 80 of our community leaders to Albany and arranged meetings with state agencies to help our localities learn about municipal grant opportunities, efficiency tools, and innovative programs to bring back home.

Taking a Stand:
Steve Hawley knows what Western New Yorkers need to have a better life and he has repeatedly taken a stand in order to protect us. Whether he’s gathering petitions to stop Thruway toll hikes or joining thousands of truckers rallying for the state to cut gasoline prices, Steve Hawley is on our side.