Cut The NYS Budget Now!

Letter to the editor from Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,I,C-Batavia)

Enough is enough! All New Yorkers have had enough of irresponsible, archaic state government that hashes out a budget in secret with three men in a room all from downstate. The budget crisis needs to be addressed today and these are the cuts I propose to fill the ever- widening gap. This legislature should implement these cuts immediately and should have returned to session "yesterday" instead of ignoring this catastrophic situation.

Eliminate Member Item Grants $250,000,000
Streamline State Agencies with similar/overlapping functions $960,000,000
Eliminate funding for state government to buy private land $60,000,000
Eliminate funding for Personal Care Level 2 (i.e. maid service) $8,000,000
Eliminate translation services for Medicaid Recipients $10,720,000
Eliminate new non-emergency vehicle purchases/leases for one year $14,000,000
Eliminate Medicaid program offerings to align with national average $600,000,000
Increase Medicaid fraud recovery measures $2,200,000,000-$4,000,000,000
Total Savings $4,102,700,000 - $5,902,700,000