Let’s get serious
about job creation.

Steve Hawley’s Keys to Job Growth
Steve Hawley scored a 100% on Unshackle Upstate’s pro-business scorecard!
Listen to the needs of job creators
  • Repeal the job-killing laws found in New York’s 49,000 pages of business regulations.
  • Eliminate excessive taxes that have led New York to the nation’s 2nd worst business climate.
  • Partner with the private sector to let proven job creators set the tone.
Reform state’s approach to government services
  • Reduce wasteful spending on downstate programs that take Western New York’s resources.
  • Empower Western New York to set our own agenda by eliminating costly, unfunded mandates.
  • Run government like a business by focusing on leaner, more efficient service.
Act on economic development
  • Bolster our higher education institutions to prepare our region’s workforce to compete in the global economy.
  • Encourage creativity and hard work through additional rounds of Regional Economic Development competitive grants.
  • Support our agricultural businesses that have been the backbone of Western New York’s economy for hundreds of years.
Your Turn
How do you believe state government can play a role in job creation? What are your ideas for job growth and economic development in Western New York? Let me know what you think so I can speak for Western New York in state government!
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