New HEAP Benefit Numbers Announced

Income Guidelines
Household Size Gross Monthly
Income Limit
1 $1,803
2 $2,358
3 $2,913
4 $3,468
5 $4,022
6 $4,577
7 $4,681
8 $4,785
9 $4,889
10 $4,993
11 $5,273
Each Additional Person: Add $408

We all know about the costs associated with rising fuel prices this winter. Whether we are paying more at the gas station for our vehicles or for home heating fuel, increasing demands and shrinking supplies are having their effects on residents and communities throughout New York.

As your assemblyman, I find it very important to remind my constituents of the availability of the federally funded Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and the requirements of this cost-saving resource. Benefit amounts are based on household incomes, residents' ages and the number of people in each home. Homeowners and apartment tenants with children under the age of 6 and adults who are over 60 are considered vulnerable populations, and they may receive higher benefits. The household gross monthly incomes and family size limits for the 2005-06 program year are listed to the right.

During the winter, when heating costs are at their highest, our neediest residents deserve to get the help they need from every source available, including HEAP.

More information is available by visiting the HEAP Web site at, by calling toll-free (800) 342-3009, or by contacting your local social services office.