Joe Giglio
Working to create safer communities for our families

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Joe Giglio

Protecting our communities from violent sex offenders

As a husband, and father, I strongly believe that it is the obligation of legislators to protect our communities from sex offenders.

  • Child molesters have a high recidivism rate, with statistics showing that nearly 50 percent commit their crimes again.

  • Polygraph examinations on a sample of imprisoned sex offenders with fewer than two known victims, found that these offenders averaged more than 300 offenses and more than 100 victims. *

  • Another polygraph test found a similar sample of sex offenders committed sex crimes for an average of 16 years before being caught. **

* Source: Ahlmeyer, Heil, McKee, and English, 2000
** Source: Ahlmeyer, English, and Simons, 1999
That’s why Assemblyman Giglio agrees with 16 other states and the District of Columbia who have civil confinement legislation in place that it is the only solution to protect our communities from violent sexual predators.

Assemblyman Giglio fought vigorously for Megan’s Law reform, enacted this year, that will keep level 2 and 3 sex offenders on the state registry for life so that communities have the ability to locate violent sex offenders.

Assemblyman Giglio agrees that longer sentences are needed for violent sex offenders. Assemblyman Giglio continues to fight for the implementation of "Jessica’s Law" which would mandate a 25-year minimum prison sentence for offenders who rape a child.

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