Assemblyman Giglio Assemblyman
Joe Giglio
Fraud Costs
New York
$4.5 Billion
A Real Plan for State Government Reform

photo "Making state government more efficient, more transparent, and less intrusive is necessary to limit its size, improve delivery of services, and lower your state taxes."
Joe Giglio

Debt Reform: As New York’s debt continues to grow, so do your state taxes. Assemblyman Giglio has a plan to eliminate the state debt over time by implementing the following measures:

  • Use 5% of an annual budget surplus to pay down the state debt

  • Pass new laws that cap state debt and prevent elected officials from inappropriately borrowing tax dollars through state authorities

  • Increase the amount state government can keep on reserve in a "rainy day fund" to reduce tax burdens.


Medicaid Reform: Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse cost taxpayers nearly $4.5 billion annually. Assemblyman Giglio, a member of the Assembly Minority Medicaid Reform Task Force, believes this wasted money should be recovered for tax relief by:

  • Passing legislation Giglio sponsors that would enable counties to more efficiently pursue Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse

  • Strengthening the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, and creating its own task force to address the waste, fraud and abuse problem and return recovered money to our counties.

Restrict Unfunded Mandates: Local governments and school districts are forced to increase taxes on property owners when unfunded mandates are placed on them. Assemblyman Giglio wants to stop this burden by:

  • Requiring any state mandate imposed on a municipality or school district that costs more than $10,000 per year to be funded by the state.

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