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In this year’s state budget, an additional $5.3 billion over three years has been set aside for the STAR program, with $1.3 billion dedicated to this year. Below are some important facts about changes to the STAR program and the new Middle Class STAR Rebate Program.

Delivering Property Tax Relief

Assemblyman Joe Giglio fought for the return of the STAR Rebate check program that will give property tax savings directly to homeowners. All homeowners with household incomes of up to $250,000 will see an increase in their STAR Rebate check from one year ago.

Assemblyman Joe Giglio understands the strain that out-of-control property taxes put on Southern Tier homeowners, which is why Joe is committed to lowering property taxes by:

  • Attacking the $4.5 billion in annual Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse to be returned to homeowners in the form of property tax relief.

  • Restricting unfunded mandates that force local governments and school districts to increase tax levies on property owners.

  • Controlling the growth of local taxes to allow voters to submit a petition to limit tax increases during a school budget vote.

  • Basic STAR recipients must apply for the rebate with the Department of Taxation and Finance by November 30, 2007. Enhanced STAR recipients need not apply.

  • The Department of Taxation and Finance will notify qualifying homeowners of the application process by mail shortly after August 15.

  • Homeowners not receiving Basic or Enhanced STAR in 2006 will not be eligible to submit applications for the Middle Class STAR Rebate Program in 2007.

  • In 2006, checks were sent out in groups by county. This year, checks will be sent out on a rolling basis based on the dates applications are received.

  • The 2006-07 cost-of-living adjustment increase in the standard exemption amount for Enhanced STAR recipients of $56,800 will remain fixed until 2010-11.

Upstate Household Income Brackets
$90,000 to
$150,000 to
2007-08 Exemption Increase over Base    60%    45%    30% No Increase
2008-09 Exemption Increase over Base    70%    52.5%    35% No Increase
2009-10 Exemption Increase over Base    80%    60%    40% No Increase

Assemblyman Giglio encourages you to contact his Olean district office with any questions you may have or for an informational brochure about the STAR Program updates.

Contact Joe:
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