Assemblywoman Helene E. Weinstein
A special report to the
Residents of the 41st Assembly District
Winter 2020
Helene E. Weinstein
Making a Difference in Brooklyn and Albany
Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein Gets Results

Dear Friend,

My role as your Assemblywoman has always been to advocate on your behalf in matters that directly affect you and your family. If the past few months have demonstrated anything, it’s that priorities can and will change, but my office’s availability to you won’t.

Though most of our incoming casework is being addressed over e-mail and the phone, we understand that some issues may necessitate a limited in person visit. Whether it’s a COVID related issue or any one of the quality of life/safety concerns we’ve assisted with in the past, we’re here for you. In the past month or two, we’ve been able to resume the popular Half-Fare MetroCard visit, brought vital mobile COVID-19 testing sites to the district, and held two very successful Flu Shot programs. We are hoping, with time, to bring back our rain barrel distribution and the free shredding program.

In order to keep up on the latest from my office, sign up for my e-newsletter by calling (718) 648-4700 or emailing me at

Keep safe and stay healthy!



Assisting Your Neighbors

Unemployment Holdups
Far and large, these past few months have seen a record number of New Yorkers apply for unemployment. My office has been here to help hundreds of applicants cut through red tape; working closely with the Department of Labor to resolve issues as diverse as the people applying for them. Like Mr. J, who believed he was receiving far less than entitled, or Mrs. T who had applied for unemployment but was waiting weeks for checks to arrive, we were able to work through a special portal, getting quick and positive resolutions for all.

Disappearing SCRIE
Mr. S called Assemblywoman Weinstein after he suddenly stopped receiving his Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption. Being the only one in his building who was eligible, the Assemblywoman reached out to management to discover that another tenant was mistakenly getting the benefit. The matter was soon thereafter corrected.

Section 8 Success
Mrs. S was moving out of town with her family and was worried about the amount of paperwork she would have to complete for a Section 8 transfer request. She contacted Assemblywoman Weinstein’s office and was given help in filling out the extensive application, which was approved.

License and Registration Renewal Recovered
Mrs. W sent in the renewal on her driver’s license and her vehicle’s registration, but with the expiration on both just a week away, called Assemblywoman Weinstein to make sure her documents were received. A quick email to the legislative liaison at the Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed that the documents were processed and Mrs. W received copies of both later that week.

Property Tax Problem
Mrs. M sent her property tax check, but two months later, she still had not received confirmation that it had been cashed. Assemblywoman Weinstein worked with the Department of Finance, who, after a search, found the check and assured Mrs. M she would not be penalized.

Mr. Z called after several unsuccessful attempts to get a reimbursement from Access-a-Ride for a taxi he took to a medical appointment. The Assemblywoman was able to reach out to Access-a-Ride and expedite the reimbursement.

Parking Ticket Dismissed
Mr. M received a ticket when he parked in the parking lot at Kingsbay YM-YWHA during their Chinese New Year celebration. Assemblywoman Weinstein spoke to the Traffic Bureau, sent them a letter from the Kingsbay Y, and photographic proof that he was in the lot. The ticket was dismissed.

Sewage Backup
Ms. W was concerned that sewers were affecting her drainage after a heavy rain. Assemblywoman Weinstein called the Department of Environmental Protection, who determined that the closest catch basin to her home was clear and issue was probably her own main.

Lease Lost
Mrs. C, a resident of NYCHA’s Sheepshead Houses called Assemblywoman Weinstein after a year and a half of failing to secure a copy of a new lease agreement from her management. A call was made to NYCHA’s Government Relations team and only then was the case expedited, the renewal happening just days after.


If you represent an organization, community group or place of worship and require disposable face masks or hand sanitizer, our office can supply you with these items. Please email or call our office to arrange for a pickup.

Additionally, if you desire PPE for your elderly/immunocompromised relatives or neighbors, give us a call. Please watch my twitter for local opportunities to obtain the above items for your families!

Free PPEs
Free Personal Protection Equipment
Hundreds of Marine Park residents turned out at a distribution of free disposable masks and hand sanitizer held in conjunction with the JCC of Marine Park. The event was sponsored by Assemblywoman Weinstein and her local colleagues in City and State Governments.
Flu Shots
Flu Shots
This year, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein - with help from the fantastic administrators and nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital of Brooklyn - brought her flu shots to the Kings Bay Y and the Philip Howard Building Community Room (co-sponsored with Councilwoman Farah Louis) located at 1655 Flatbush Avenue.

Protecting Vulnerable New Yorkers

Unfortunately, senior citizens have always been a vulnerable group; preyed upon by those wish to take advantage of them. This past legislative session, Assemblywoman Weinstein introduced several bills to help protect the elderly from these predators:

Community Boards Go Virtual

Community Boards Go Virtual

When Covid-19 hit, NYC’s Community Boards didn’t miss a beat; adapting by holding online public meetings. The Assemblywoman recently joined Community Boards 14, 15, 17 and 18 to discuss upcoming programs she sponsors, and thanked the leadership and dedicated board members for their tireless efforts.

Community Boards Go Virtual
Bag Ban Has Begun

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) began enforcement of the plastic bag ban on October 19th, 2020. New York State’s law banning plastic carryout bags took effect on March 1st, 2020.

In New York City, businesses are required to collect a non-taxable 5-cent fee from customers on paper carryout bags, with some exceptions. You can avoid paying the paper bag fee by bringing your own reusable bags to stores. Stores are required to allow the use of reusable shopping bags.

The plastic bag ban and paper bag fee are efforts to reduce the use of wasteful single-use bags and their negative impact on the environment. Stores may choose not to switch to paper and may only have reusable bags for purchase. The City and State do not set prices for reusable bags.

Our office has given out hundreds of reusable bags during various local events and PPE distributions and hope to hand out hundreds more in the future.

Thanking Essential Workers
Thanking Essential Workers
Assemblywoman Weinstein joined State Senator Andrew Gounardes and the Marine Park Community in a march to thank our Frontline and Essential Workers, who have been putting their lives on the line since day one of this pandemic to care for, and ensure the safety of, all.
Flu Shots
Food Distributions
So many community groups have stepped up during the COVID Pandemic, ensuring the delivery and availability of free food to families in need. The Assemblywoman participated in distributions run at the Flatbush Community Fund (in conjunction with Met Council on Jewish Poverty) and NYCHA’s Nostrand Houses (in Conjunction with both Senator Roxanne Persaud and Community Board 18 Chairperson Gardy Brazela).

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Several hundred Russian-American Holocaust Survivors and WWII Vets attended the Association of Eastern European Jewry’s 17th Annual Remembrance Day event. The Assemblywoman delivered remarks alongside Bella Gubenko, President of the Association, praising those who work to keep the stories of those who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust alive.

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day

Millennium Development Group, administrator of a number of senior programming centers, recently held a virtual Veteran’s Day Event. Assemblywoman Weinstein thanked and helped pay tribute to former armed service members from the Phillip Howard and Carmine Carro Senior Centers and the Midwood Active Adults Program.

Did You Know?

Assemblywoman Weinstein’s Community Office can help you apply for various programs including but not limited to:

Call our office to find out if you’re eligible and sign up!

Helene Weinstein brings the Senior Half-Fare MetroCard Bus to the Community Office
Helene Weinstein brings the Senior Half-Fare MetroCard Bus to the Community Office

You can apply for the Senior Half-Fare MetroCard if you are 65+ or have a Qualifying Disability (photo identification are required)

Only MetroCard holders get a FREE transfer between buses and trains

Catch the MetroCard Bus at Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein’s Community Office 3520 Nostrand Avenue • 718-648-4700

On the First Tuesday of the Month 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Appointment Is Required

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