Assembly School Aid Proposal: 2006-07

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The Assembly proposal uses a Foundation formula to provide transparent, predictable school aid and allow school districts to plan their budgets accordingly. This reform initiative provides for a functioning Foundation Operating Aid formula that reflects student need, regional cost, and school district fiscal capacity.

The Assembly proposal will increase School Aid by a total of $1.29 billion in School Year 2006-07 over School Year 2005-06.

The Assembly proposal will increase Foundation Operating Aid by $331 million in 2006-07. There is a consolidation of several existing formulas into the proposed Foundation Operating Aid. These include:

  • Flex Aid
  • Sound Basic Education Aid
  • Comprehensive Operating Aid
  • Extraordinary Needs Aid
  • Reorganization Operating Aid
  • Educationally Related Support Services Aid
  • Summer School Aid
  • Tax Limitation Aid
  • Growth Aid

In addition, there are other traditional aid categories within General Support for Public Schools where the Governor's cuts are restored and which are either continued or increased in the 2005-06 school aid run. These include:

  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten Aid
  • Class Size Reduction Aid
  • Minor Maintenance Aid
  • Full-Day Kindergarten
  • Limited English Proficiency Aid
  • Public Excess Cost Aid
  • Private Excess Cost Aid
  • Transportation Aid (including Summer)
  • BOCES Aid
  • Limited English Proficiency Aid
  • Building Aid
  • Building Reorganization Aid
  • Special Services Aid
  • Hardware Aid
  • Software Aid
  • Textbook Aid
  • Library Materials Aid
  • Teacher Support Aid
  • Sound Basic Education Reserve Fund
  • Wraparound Adjustment Aid

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