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For Immediate Release:
June 23, 2006

Statement by Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco
Regarding Completion of 2006 Legislative Session

"We've had some success. We made great strides in strengthening public safety. The expansion of the DNA database and the elimination of the statute of limitations for rapists will help ensure that the worst criminals can run and hide but they can never rest because the minute they do they will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

"The establishment of the Office of Medicaid Inspector General will help begin to root out some of the estimated $4.2 billion in fraud. The rising costs of Medicaid increase property taxes. Getting Medicaid waste and fraud under control will help lower the burden. I would have liked to see penalties for those committing the fraud increased and I will continue to push for that.

"The property tax rebate checks will give homeowners some relief from the crushing burden of property taxes. We need to do much more. We need a holistic approach to the problem. We need to eliminate unfunded mandates, index the STAR program to reflect today's median home values and we need to better exercise fiscal restraint both at the state and local levels. Rising tax rates don't just occur, they are driven by uncontrolled spending.

"And we need much more in the way of tax relief. We are the highest taxed state in the nation. The tax cuts we have passed this year, while good, are not nearly enough to knock us out of that unenviable top spot. We need to dramatically lower the tax burden for our families, seniors, farmers, small businesses and manufacturers. We need to do much more."

New York State Assembly
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