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May 9, 2007

Statement By Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco Regarding Today's Public Five-Way Leader's Meeting

"It didn't quite happen on 'Day 1' but 'Month 5' isn't too bad when you consider I've waited 25 years for something like this. Hopefully, this will mark the beginning of the end of 'three men in a room' and closed door meetings. As far as I'm concerned the greater the transparency, the greater the participation, the greater the progress we can make on the important issues for the people of New York State. I think this is exactly the type of change that people voted for last November and I am confident that we can achieve some successes in these final weeks of session similar to the ones we achieved at the beginning of the year."

Leader Tedisco listed several priorities at today's first public five-way leader's meeting:

Property Taxes

In addition to the property tax rebate checks this fall, Tedisco spoke of the need for a comprehensive property tax reform plan. One that eliminates unfunded mandates, provides incentives for consolidating local government services, returns Medicaid fraud savings back to homeowners and one that holds the line on local tax increases each year.


Tedisco spoke of passing a streamlined Article X law for siting power plants. It's been 4 ½ years since the previous law expired. If the state fails to site more plants, residential, commercial and industrial consumers will face shortages, higher prices and risk having demand exceed supply. Abandoned industrial properties and brownfields should be looked to as generating sites.

To address rising gas prices, Tedisco said the answer is lessening the dependence on foreign fossil fuel by transitioning to alternative fuel sources. Tedisco's bill (A.5798) would create the Alternative Fuel Incentive Fund and would dedicate the currently undedicated state sales tax revenue generated from gasoline sales toward tax credits for the purchase of hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles, tax credits for gas stations to install E-85 pumps and biodiesel pumps and investments in research and development. This solution is a winner on many levels - cleaner environment, greater national security, more agricultural and manufacturing jobs and lower fuel costs.

Public Safety

Tedisco wants capital punishment reinstated for those who murder and residency restrictions and anti-clustering for sex offenders.

Tedisco also spoke of his bill (A.5774), the Chronic Criminal Act, which would mandate a Class E felony (1 ½ years to 4 years in prison) upon a fourth Class A Misdemeanor conviction in 10 years.

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