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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tedisco Blasts Spitzer's "Governance By Vengeance"
Says Governor's attempt to eliminate funding he obtained for community groups in his district "takes petty, partisan politics and dirty tricks to a shameful new low"

Characterizing it as the Governor's latest in a series of "dirty tricks" and yet another disturbing example of Spitzer's philosophy of "governance by vengeance," Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga) today blasted the Governor's shameful attempt to eliminate funding for community groups in his Assembly District.

"I have been informed that Governor Spitzer is attempting to eliminate funding I secured for various community groups throughout my Assembly District. This is funding going to public health clinics, playgrounds and inner city programs. It's an absolute disgrace that Governor Eliot Spitzer would attempt to de-fund these worthy endeavors in a desperate effort to try and steamroll me into relinquishing my opposition to his dangerous plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens," Tedisco said.

"Without question, Governor Spitzer is attempting to bully, intimidate and silence my opposition to his proposal that would give illegal aliens driver's licenses. Quite frankly, we've proven Governor Spitzer wrong on this issue and the public agrees - and Governor Spitzer knows it. If the Governor thinks I'll be bullied, or that this attempt to silence me will stand, he is sadly mistaken," Tedisco stated.

"I will stand up for my constituents and a safer, more secure New York. I won't be silenced, threatened, or intimidated by Governor Spitzer. His proposal to hand out driver's licenses to illegal aliens is risky, reckless and irresponsible. It will make our state less safe, less secure. If the Governor was tired of hearing this message before, he is going to hear it now more than ever. I will shout it from the roof of the State Capitol if I need to," Tedisco stated.

"At this rate, Governor Spitzer is on track to make the Watergate-era dirty tricks look like amateur hour. How much lower can he - will he - go?" Tedisco asked.

"Governor Spitzer is going to learn that he's not a dictator. He's not an emperor. He's not a king. He's one of three branches of state government. After a good start, Governor Spitzer's last six months have degenerated into an alarming downward spiral of petty, political payback. If Governor Spitzer's abuses of power - 'Troopergate,' attempting to misuse the Internal Revenue Service against Majority Leader Bruno, unilaterally undoing a law the legislature passed in 1995 and now taking away vital funding for groups in my district - don't warrant an inquiry into whether he's taken leave of his senses and should possibly be recalled, then I don't know what does. Governor Spitzer pledged to create a better quality of life and with this latest move he's only raining down pain on hard working families in Schenectady and Saratoga counties. Shame on him," Tedisco stated.

"Dirty tricks. Threats. Name-calling. Bullying. Intimidation. Is this what Spitzer meant by 'Day One?' Is this really the type of change New Yorkers voted for last November?" Tedisco concluded.

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