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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tedisco Provides New Details of Spitzer's Elimination of Member Item Funding
Says the Governor's actions eliminated $740,433 in Member Item funding, affecting 21 other Members of the Assembly Minority Conference

On the heels of yesterday's revelation that Governor Eliot Spitzer unilaterally eliminated funding for various community projects in and bordering his district, Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga) today announced that the Governor also eliminated funding for 21 other Members of the Assembly Minority Conference, in districts ranging from Western New York to Long Island.

The total Member Item funding eliminated by Governor Spitzer amounted to $740,433.

"It was bad enough that Governor Spitzer unilaterally eliminated previously-approved funding for worthwhile projects like a free health clinic in my district. But he also terminated approved funding for 21 of our Conference Members, representing districts from Long Island to Western New York - and all parts in-between," Tedisco said.

"The funding eliminated by Governor Spitzer would have gone to important projects like constructing a walkway for a senior housing center, aiding local volunteer fire companies and providing assistance for classrooms and food pantries. These cuts have real consequences for real people. That's why I'm urging Governor Spitzer to rethink his decision," Tedisco stated.

"I know that a Chief Executive has a 'bully pulpit' to help set the policy agenda and influence the legislature. I think lately Governor Spitzer's been all bully, no pulpit. That must change, we need a genuine dialog between the legislative and executive branches if we're going to get anything of substance accomplished over the next three years," Tedisco stated.

"It can begin with the Governor undoing his unilateral decision to eliminate funding that's already been promised and approved for myself and 21 other Members of our Assembly Minority Conference. As a former basketball player, I know sharp elbows are sometimes part of the game. But my message to Governor Spitzer is, don't take out your frustration - over my opposition to your plan to give illegal aliens driver's licenses - on the millions of men and women our Conference represents. If the Governor wants to attack me, personally, politically, that's fine. I would ask him to please not inflict pain on innocent New Yorkers in the process. Surely, that's not too much to ask," Tedisco concluded.

Editor's Note: Attached is a listing of the $740,433 in Member Item funding eliminated by Governor Eliot Spitzer on a district-by-district basis.

Listing of Assembly Minority Conference Members who had their approved Member-Item funding eliminated by Governor Eliot Spitzer:

Assembly District 21: Tom Alfano (Nassau County) $9,000
Assembly District 136: Jim Bacalles (Steuben County) $7,500
Assembly District 124: Will Barclay (Onondaga County) $27,000
Assembly District 8: Phil Boyle (Suffolk County) $2,000
Assembly District 147: Dan Burling (Wyoming County) $39,635
Assembly District 117: Marc Butler (Herkimer County) $3,000
Assembly District 96: Nancy Calhoun (Orange County) $8,000
Assembly District 130: Joe Errigo (Livingston & Steuben Counties) $6,000
Assembly District 123: Gary Finch (Chenango & Cayuga Counties) $10,500
Assembly District 7: Michael Fitzpatrick (Suffolk County) $4,000
Assembly District 139: Steve Hawley (Orleans County) $16,000
Assembly District 100: Tom Kirwan (Ulster & Dutchess Counties) $8,750
Assembly District 129: Brian Kolb (Cayuga & Ontario Counties) $11,000
Assembly District 19: Dave McDonough (Nassau County) $2,500
Assembly District 128: Bob Oaks (Wayne County) $10,800
Assembly District 114: Chris Ortloff (Essex, Franklin & Clinton Counties) $40,000*
Assembly District 97: Annie Rabbitt (Orange & Rockland Counties) $12,200
Assembly District 9: Andrew Raia (Suffolk County) $4,500
Assembly District 134: Bill Reilich (Monroe County) $5,000
Assembly District 122: Dede Scozzafava (Lewis & St. Lawrence Counties) $12,000
Assembly District 110: Jim Tedisco (Schenectady & Saratoga Counties) $482,548
Assembly District 2: Fred Thiele (Suffolk County) $18,500

* Assembly District 114 is now represented by Janet Duprey

Additional information on the Member Item projects are available by calling (518) 455-3751.

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