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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Statement from Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco

"Today, Governor Spitzer finally cried 'uncle.' The Governor's flip-flop on his unlawful proposal to give illegal aliens driver's licenses is an acknowledgment that he was wrong - and that 72 percent of New Yorkers were right. Without question, the pressure brought to bear by our Assembly Minority Conference, our colleagues in the State Senate, County Clerks and the most powerful and important voices in New York - citizens from all regions, all walks of life and all political affiliations - has helped stop this Governor's risky, reckless and irresponsible plan from going forward as he originally intended. Today's announcement is definitely a step toward common sense.

But the fight for a safer, more secure state continues - there are still too many unanswered questions, still too much that we don't know about Governor Spitzer's plan. New Yorkers still need answers to critical questions such as; when will the equipment the DMV planned on using to verify identifications of license applicants work properly? Another important question is, how much will New Yorkers pay for giving illegal aliens driver's licenses? And, most critically, how will Governor Spitzer reconcile his unlawful plan with Section 502 of the State Vehicle and Traffic Law, which states that the Commissioner of the DMV shall require Social Security numbers before issuing a driver's license? Unless these questions are fully addressed in an open, honest and forthright manner by this Governor, I can't see how his plan would attract real support from either the legislature or the public."

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