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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tedisco: Truckers Suffering Pain At The Pump Make Their Voices Heard At The State Capitol -Will Speaker Silver Listen?

As a massive convoy of truckers drove around the State Capitol today, blowing their air horns in sheer frustration with the pain at the pump caused by New York's record-high gas prices - and gas taxes - Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga) urged Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) to hear the truckers' concerns and do something about fuel costs.

"For months, my Assembly Minority Conference colleagues and I have been calling on Speaker Silver to do something about rising fuel costs having a negative financial impact on truckers, motorists, businesses and consumers. Rising fuel costs have driven up the price of practically everything from a loaf of bread to a gallon of milk, along with nearly every other basic necessity that families depend on," Tedisco said.

"Today, a convoy comprised of hundreds of truckers fed up with New York's excessive gas prices and gas taxes made their views - and their mounting frustration with the Speaker's intransigence - heard, loud and clear. They asked for - and fully deserve - our state government to stop talking about high gas prices and actually do something to lower them," Tedisco stated.

"Our Conference sponsored legislation that would provide these truckers, and all motorists, with a much-needed summertime gas tax holiday to help reduce the sticker shock too many drivers receive each and every time they fill their tanks," Tedisco said.

Tedisco said the legislation - Assembly Bill A.10818 - would suspend the three separate state taxes on fuel - the eight-cent motor fuel tax, the eight-cent sales tax and the 16-cent Petroleum Business Tax - from now until Labor Day, providing a savings of nearly 33-cents per gallon of gasoline and 31-cents per gallon of diesel fuel for motorists. Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference also have sponsored legislation that would establish an "Alternative Fuel Incentive Fund," to help promote the development and use of renewable energy sources as a long-term solution to rising fuel prices.

"When it comes to actually doing something about providing relief from skyrocketing energy costs, our Assembly Minority Conference has been at the forefront. Today, we heard from hundreds of truckers who let it be known they are mad as heck and won't take it anymore. The question remains: will Speaker Silver and his Assembly Majority Conference listen? New York can't afford their continued delays - motorists and consumers deserve relief and they should get it before this session concludes," Tedisco stated.

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