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For Release: IMMEDIATELY, March 30, 2012
Joshua Fitzpatrick, (518) 455-3751
Statement From NYS Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua) On Passage Of 2012-13 State Budget:

"For the second consecutive year, New York's budget will be on-time, fiscally responsible, make long-term investments in job creation, economic development and education, while taking another step closer to a more streamlined state government. I am proud of our Conference's contributions - such as insisting on following the Budget Reform Act of 2007, convening Joint Budget Conference Committees in public, while holding the line on spending and against tax hikes - that laid the groundwork for today's success. However, in terms of achieving 100 percent transparency and ending secrecy, Albany remains a work in progress.

Our Conference offered 15 smart solutions on the Assembly floor this week that would have eased the crushing financial squeeze on families, removed roadblocks for job creators and made this a better budget. Our smart solutions, offered as amendments to the budget bills, included:

While our smart solutions did not make the final cut for the State Budget, issues such as job creation, economic development, delivering unfunded mandate relief and cutting costs for families must be front and center on the Assembly's agenda for the remainder of session. There is still much to do before we deliver the New York taxpayers deserve."

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