June 4, 2012

Assembly Legislation Authorizes NYC to
Expand Kindergarten Education

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan today announced the passage of legislation that empowers New York City to make kindergarten mandatory for five-year-olds.

The measure (A.9861/Nolan) amends the Education Law and authorizes the board of education of the school district of the city of New York to require minors who are five years old by December 1st to attend kindergarten instruction.

"As an outspoken advocate for early childhood education, I applaud the passage of this bill," said Silver. "This gives New York City the appropriate level of control over mandatory kindergarten education."

"Kindergarten gives kids a great start," said Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan. "This bill will make sure that all five-year-olds in NYC start school out on the right on the foot."

Students who are enrolled in non-public schools or who are home-schooled would not be required to attend kindergarten. Parents may also elect to delay enrollment of their five-year-old children in school until the following September.