June 6, 2012

Assembly Passes Important Cost-Saving Measure to Help Non-Profits

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Assemblywoman Sandra Galef and Local Governments Committee Chair William Magnarelli today announced passage of legislation (A.8551-A/Galef) that would allow non-profit corporations to procure goods and services collaboratively with counties.

"Non-profits, like many local government entities, are operating on limited resources, while continuing to provide vital services to many of the most vulnerable among us," said Silver. "This bill will implement an important cost-saving measure to help non-profits continue to address the needs of those who need it most by allowing them to make purchases through county contracts for goods and services."

The bill authorizes non-profit corporations to participate in purchasing agreements secured by the county to procure goods and services resulting in cost savings.

"During these challenging economic times, local governments and non-profits across the state have been forced to do more with less, while assisting a higher volume of customers," said Galef. "Given the rising costs of both commodities and services, this bill will allow non-profits to purchase goods and services in a more cost-effective manner."

"This bill will help to minimize the cost of providing services and protect the important work that these non-profits perform in our communities by allowing them to procure goods and services collaboratively with counties," said Magnarelli.