June 13, 2012

Assembly Legislation Seeks to Assist Those Applying for Citizenship

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo announced today the passage of legislation to implement the Immigrant Assistance Service Enforcement Act (A.4887A). The bill would require organizations providing assistance to immigrants to register with and be certified by the Department of State.

"For many immigrants, naturalization is a lifelong dream. However, the process can be arduous," said Silver. "Immigration assistance is an essential resource. We must ensure that those on this path to citizenship have access to competent, skilled service providers who can help navigate this complicated process."

"Acclimating to a new environment is extremely challenging. Individuals trying to follow the precise application process for citizenship face added pressures. The Immigrant Assistance Service Enforcement Act will protect those seeking citizenship from making unnecessary missteps in the application process by guaranteeing the qualifications of providers," said Crespo.

The application process for citizenship is complex. Serious consequences can occur if related laws, rules and procedures are not followed. As a result of this legislation, individuals seeking assistance can be certain that the help they receive is from a qualified provider.