June 15, 2012

Statement from Speaker Silver on U.S. Chamber of Commerce Report Ranking New York in Top 10 for Growth, Productivity, and Livability

A new report by the United States Chamber of Commerce ranking New York in the top 10 for economic performance since 2010 is clear evidence that we are headed in the right direction. Working together with Governor Cuomo, we have been able to dramatically improve New York's economic future while ensuring that vital safety net services have been preserved. This report - Enterprising States - highlights that the initiatives put in place by the Legislature and Governor Cuomo have indeed been successful at creating new opportunities for our state's residents and making New York a place where families and businesses want to be.

This news also serves as a reminder that as we grow, it is important that all our citizens have the opportunity to take part in our economic revival. That is why the Assembly will continue its efforts to increase New York's minimum wage and keep college tuition affordable so that everyone can share in this economic prosperity, which will in turn allow New York's businesses to grow and prosper.

The report can be found here.