June 19, 2012

Gas Pricing Legislation Provides Relief at the Pump

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Fred Thiele today announced passage of legislation that redefines the permitted "additional costs" for gas to only include taxes and transportation costs. This prevents wholesalers, retailers, and gas station owners from randomly jacking up the price of gas, as frequently occurs in major metropolitan areas.

"With gas prices remaining high, it is our duty as legislators to prevent unnecessary fuel expenses for New York's consumers," said Silver. "This bill helps bring some relief at the pump by preventing gas wholesalers, dealers, and retailers from randomly raising their prices."

"As drivers travel around the state for business and pleasure this summer, they can be confident that the Assembly Majority is defending their right to fair gas prices," said Thiele. "The base price of gasoline and the cost to get it to the pump would be the only additional costs to fuel consumers thanks to this legislation."

The bill (A.7775-B/Thiele) would prevent unfair gas pricing based on geographical location. It has been delivered to the Senate.