July 27, 2012

Statement from Speaker Silver on Agreement Between
Con Edison and Utility Workers Union of America

I am pleased that Con Edison and Utility Workers Union of America - Local 1-2 were able to negotiate and settle on a new contract.

The workforce procedures implemented during the lockout were a cause for concern for many, including residents of New York City and Westchester County, members of the labor union and representatives of Con Edison.

As a result, the Assembly committees on Labor, Corporations and Energy held a hearing on Wednesday, July 25th in New York City. This hearing focused on the utility's ability to provide safe and reliable energy to its customers. I commend the chairs of these committees Keith Wright, Jim Brennan and Kevin Cahill. Creating a time and place to publicly air these concerns was the first step in fostering a mutually acceptable agreement.

I congratulate Governor Cuomo for his critical role in concluding the negotiations, ultimately, restoring qualified, and competent utility employees to the front lines during a heat wave and in advance of potentially dangerous storms.