Assembly Health Committee Passes 7 Bills, Rejects Anti-Choice Legislation

June 3, 2010

The Assembly Committee on Health favorably reported 7 bills on Thursday, June 3. For more information on a particular bill, please contact the sponsor listed after the description.

Hospital “Adverse Events” – Strengthens the state’s adverse event reporting system, the New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS). Stronger reporting requirements for hospitals and clinics, with Health Department analysis of incidents and reporting to the public. (A.11180, Gottfried)

Easier Access to Coverage for Children – To cut red tape for families to enroll a child in Child Health Plus or Medicaid, this bill would allow parents to use proof of income eligibility for school reduced-price breakfast or lunch programs to show eligibility for Child Health Plus or Medicaid. (A.7515-A, Kavanagh)

Meningitis Vaccination – Requires vaccinations for meningococcal disease (bacterial meningitis) for all seventh graders. (Current medical and religious exemptions would apply.) (A.10313-A, Peoples-Stokes)

Banning Smoking on Commuter Rail Platforms – Prohibits smoking on outdoor platforms of the Long Island and Metro North railroads. It is already prohibited in indoor facilities. (A.10500, Jaffee)

Licensing Adult Facilities – Strengthens enforcement of licensing requirements for certain senior living facilities. Requires unlicensed facilities that meet specific criteria to either apply for licensure as an adult care facility or submit proof that they are not subject to licensure. (A.11231, Gottfried)

Newborn Hearing Screening Reporting – Requires newborn hearing screening results to be reported to the Health Department, to make the information available to a child’s future health care providers. Uses the existing immunization registry as the registration site. (A.11240, Skartados)

Providing Community Based Care – Continues a demonstration program that allows nursing homes to use physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to provide home-visit primary care to elderly patients. (A.11289, Morelle)


Additionally, the Assembly Committee on Health voted to reject three bills that would restrict access to abortion.

Parental Notification – Requires physicians, under threat of civil and criminal penalty, to notify a parent or guardian when a minor seeks an abortion. (A.2357, Reilich)

Pre-Abortion Delay, Ultrasounds, Videos – A physician would be required, under threat of criminal penalty, to perform a pre-abortion sonogram and explain, in detail, the findings to the patient, and show an “informational” video to the patient. In addition, a 24-hour waiting period would be required. (A.2726, Rabbitt)

Parental Consent –An unemancipated minor would be required to have consent from a parent or guardian for an abortion. Also includes provisions similar to A. 2726. (A.6242, Barra)