Health Care for All New Yorkers Bill Introduction

"New York Health" Single Payer Plan for Comprehensive Health Coverage, Regardless of Income
May 8, 2012

When: Tuesday May 8, 2012 at 12 P.M.

Where: Legislative Office Building
LCA Room 130
Albany, New York

What: All New York residents would receive comprehensive health coverage under "New York Health," a universal health care bill to be introduced by key legislators today. Under the plan, publicly-sponsored coverage would replace insurance company coverage, and premiums would be replaced by broad-based public financing based on ability to pay. The bill, A7860/S5425, introduced by Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard N. Gottfried and Senate Health Committee Ranker Thomas K. Duane, is co-sponsored by 69 other legislators.

Who: The two legislators will be joined at the press conference by Katie Robbins of Health-Care Now!, Vito Grasso, Executive Vice-President of the NYS Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Asiya Tschannerl of Physicians for a National Health Program, Mark Dunlea of Single Payer NY / Hunger Action Network of NYS, Shaun Flynn of the NYS Nurses Association, and Rev. Bebb Stone.