Assembly Hearing on NYC Department of Buildings

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
10:00 AM
Assembly Hearing Room
250 Broadway, Room 1923
19th Floor
New York City

The Assembly Committee on Cities, chaired by Assemblymember James F. Brennan, will hold a public hearing on November 15, 2006 to continue its examination of the NYC Department of Buildings regulation of construction and development in regard to the public's health and safety. The hearing will provide the material for developing a legislative agenda to improve public safety and zoning and building code compliance.

"There is intense public concern about this issue, and it reaches into every community in this city," said Brennan. "The current building boom has spawned a class of developers who, in their greed for the biggest buck, have figured out how to operate below the DOB radar. This has to stop. And the DOB has to be fully accountable and fully functional. Its means of monitoring construction at every stage has to improve."

This adjourned hearing, following its earlier hearing of September 7, 2006, will consider DOB's accountability, inspection and enforcement procedures in regard to laws that protect public safety and building integrity. The hearing will be co-sponsored by the Assembly's Codes Committee, chaired by Assemblymember Joseph Lentol and by the Assembly's Housing Committee, chaired by Assemblymember Vito Lopez.

"It's become all too common to hear of construction worker deaths, buildings that are several stories too high, adjacent buildings collapsing, or innocent families forced out of their own homes because of shoddy construction practices next door. The common thread is the lack of deterrence created by an inadequate enforcement system. The DOB has to have the tools and means to fulfill its responsibilities. If new laws are needed to put teeth into DOB enforcement practices, let's pass those laws," said Brennan.

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