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February 2, 2001

From the NYS Assembly Sheldon Silver, Speaker Richard N. Gottfried, Chair, Health Committee

The Governor’s budget cuts $327 million
in Medicaid funding, threatening
New York’s most vulnerable ––
the frail elderly and disabled

At a time when the State expects a nearly $3.9 billion surplus, it is unconscionable that the Governor’s budget slashes Medicaid funding by over $322 million to nursing homes and by over $5 million to home health care services.

The State Health Department estimates that 117,000 of our most vulnerable citizens depend on the vital care provided in New York’s nursing homes today –– the frail elderly with chronic disabilities, infants with multiple impairments and young adults suffering from traumatic brain injury or other disabilities.

The Governor’s budget cuts funds that could otherwise go to improving care. For example, an additional 16,000 certified nurse aides could be providing direct patient care.

This, at a time when New York’s not-for-profit public nursing homes are already losing money as they struggle to provide quality care for those who need it most –– and face the most severe staffing shortage in history.

The Assembly will continue fighting
to ensure the health and well-being
of all New Yorkers

The Assembly has consistently fought to make New York a more affordable, healthier place to live. Just last year, we were successful in expanding and simplifying the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program — allowing enrollment to reach 215,000 seniors.

As this year’s budget negotiations proceed, the Assembly will fight against the Governor’s efforts to undermine the ability of nursing homes and home health professionals to do their jobs. We will work to defeat any budget proposal that would jeopardize the health, well-being and independence of our elderly or disabled family members.

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"Is the economy so bad in New York state that the governor has to go after frail, elderly and disabled individuals who receive services from nursing homes?

...These cuts are not about money, they are about care."

Carl S. Young New York Association of Homes & Services for the Aging 1/16/01

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